Focus OKC 2017 "Speak Your Truth" July 28th & 29th 2017


 Here's what people are saying about Focus OKC -

 "Thanks again for bringing an amazing group of chiros together, getting together with a bunch of TORs always lights me up & fills me with gratitude!

 - Genevieve, Parker College of Chiropractic Student, Focus 2012


"It is awesome to have doctors, like those at Focus, to reach into the heart of this profession and pump life into it. Thank you for an amazing weekend!"

- Dr. Raney, Illinois, Focus 2012


"Thank you!! It was my first time and it will not be the last, loved every minute!" 

- Dr. Pomeroy, Arkansas, Focus 2012


           FOCUS VIII -2017

Thursday, July 27th 

          9:00- 5:00pm Adjusting Course with Dr. Tim Young (tickets purchased separately) 

Friday July 28th 2017 

9:00-9:40 -Brett Jones D.C.
9:40-10:20 -Kristina Kill Stitcher D.C.  
10:50-11:30 - Tim O'Shea D.C.
11:30-12:10 -Ross McDonald D.C.
2:00-2:40-Malaki Bolton / Ra'ian Harris/ Gabe Waterman / Alasha Young
2:40-3:20-Neil Cohen D.C.
3:50-4:30 -Arno Burrier D.C.
4:30-5:20- Tim Shakespeare D.C.
5:20-6:00 - Roberto Monoco D.C.
7:30pm-11:00pm - Friday Night Speaker Gala (tickets purchased separately) 

Saturday July 29th 2017

9:00-9:40 -Ryan Rieder D.C.
9:40-10:20 -Paul Reed D.C.
10:50-11:30 Jeanne Ohm D.C.
11:20-12:10 Andrew Wakefield M.D. 
2:00-2:40 -Jack Wolfson D.O.FACC
2:40-3:20 -Devin Vrana D.C.
3:50-4:20 - Troy Dukowitz  D.C.
4:20-5:20 - Billy DeMoss D.C.
5:20-6:00 - Tim Young D.C.


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