What people are saying about Focus Chiropractic Seminars...

Focus OKC by Dr. Tim Young is an event not to be missed. I have had the privilege of speaking on some of the biggest stages and this event is first class. The speakers delivered with amazing content and pure messages of inspiration. I received as much from the attendees as they got from me. So honored to be an "outsider" on the inside of the chiropractic community.  
-In health,
Jack Wolfson DO, FACC
Author of The Paleo Cardiologist


I was a struggling doctor. Deep in the struggle. Lost. Unhappy. Then, I went
to my first FOCUS and my whole life changed in a weekend. I left OKC in awe of
the miracle chiropractic is and humbled to be a part of this gift. The speakers,
the philosophy, the honesty, the love- it all awakened my soul. I was inspired
to take action and not just action for a day or a week, unending action because
chiropracTIC deserves nothing less. Three months after FOCUS my practice
doubled, four months after that it doubled again. It's been three years since my
first FOCUS and my growth has been maintained and I am still inspired to take
daily action. My old feelings of being lost, unhappy and alone were replaced
with guided direction, clarity, certainty and confidence. The weekend didn't
just save my office, it saved me. I am so thankful for FOCUS!

- SHANNON BLACK DC, Colorado, Focus 2016


"Working as a CA I was blessed to be immersed in events such as Focus OKC. The first year I attended, Billy DeMoss was a guest speaker, and I also attended CalJam. During both conferences I was moved to grow from CA to Chiropractor, and I'm working on that journey now.

Because of Focus OKC, Cal Jam, and amazing chiropractic influence our baby is here today. I was unable to successfully carry a baby for 8 years, I got serious about getting my low back adjusted to remove any nerve interference relating to my uterus. I became pregnant with my beautiful son. My OBGYN told me "Jenny, you don't get the choice of a natural pregnancy". Well guess what?! Our sweet Emmett was never exposed to an ultrasound until he was 42 weeks in my belly (simply to check placenta health and fluid levels), he was born at home under the care of a midwife, and is DRUG FREE!!! My husband and I are on the journey now to also be Chiropractors and couldn't be more excited. 

Thank you Dr. Young for FOCUS.

GO TO FOCUS!!! Buy your tickets, buy your staff tickets, bring your spouse and your patients!"

-Jenny, Oklahoma, Focus 2012



"This train is in momentum. What is unique about Focus is its concentration on traditional chiropractic values, and nothing else. That’s all you’ll get at this conference. Took the roof off the Coca Cola Center in OKC. It even set off the tornado alarm! Not kidding!

Nothing like it anywhere. Tim Young has created a tiger by the tail. FOCUS is a vital and relentless force out there in the western Midwest, where chiropractic is thriving, not surviving. This is how Parker and DE were at the beginning. 
I am very grateful to be a part of FOCUS. If you missed it, get the videos!"

 - Dr. Tim O'Shea, author of Vaccination is Not Immunization, Focus 2012


"Thanks again for bringing an amazing group of chiros together, getting together with a bunch of TORs always lights me up & fills me with gratitude!

 - Genevieve, Parker College of Chiropractic Student, Focus 2012


"It is awesome to have doctors, like those at Focus, to reach into the heart of this profession and pump life into it. Thank you for an amazing weekend!"

- Dr. Raney, Illinois, Focus 2012


"Thank you!! It was my first time and it will not be the last, loved every minute!" 

- Dr. Pomeroy, Arkansas, Focus 2012